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Meet the Team

The snackiest girls you will ever meet.

What is MHPE??

MHPE is a masters of science in health promotion and education. Individuals with this degree learn about developing and implementing community health programs. They create and implement programs for the prevention of disease. Individuals learn how to collect data for the use of evidence based programs. They also learn to provide education and training on specific aspects of health to a variety of populations.


In Kathy’s graduate studies of health promotion and education, she chose to focus on eating disorder prevention. She took classes focused on eating disorders and body image. For her master’s project, she conducted a study on the impact of cooking classes as part of treatment for individuals with eating disorders. She learned about the severity and complexity of eating disorders and the importance of advocating for eating disorder prevention. She learned about diet culture and the impact it has on the development of eating disorders. In her work now she fights back against diet culture and promotes the Health at Every Size movement.

What is CEDS??

CEDS is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist​. Sydney is currently working on her CEDS certification. Individuals with this certification have met certain requirements through iadep (International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals). The iadep foundation provides one governing board for a variety of professionals treating eating disorders, including therapists, dietitians, and doctors. Through the CEDS certification, iadep promotes ethical and professional standards for those who are working with clients with eating disorders.

Sydney is in the final stages of completing her CEDS certification. Upon completion, she will be considered a certified eating disorder specialist.

In addition to this, Sydney is able to provide supervision for unlicensed therapists (i.e. CSW).

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