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Recorded trainings, and featured guest spots 

Check out past trainings and media spots!

Intermountain Health: Project Echo

In February of 2023, we presented for Intermountain Health's Eating Disorder Project Echo on the Evidenced-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Eating Disorders.  Unfortunately, this was not recorded.  BUT, we presented again in September of 2023 on the complications of diagnosing of eating disorders.  You can access the recording here.

Children's Justice Center Training

In October of 2023, we presented, "Outside the Window of Tolerance: Navigating Masked Dissociation" (you can watch it here). The focus was understanding the Window of Tolerance and how clients can get out of their window and present as being completely in their window.  As this was a foundation, the CJC has asked us back to continue with practical strategies to aid therapists in getting clients back into their window of tolerance.  You can sign up here.

PBS Documentary "A Sister Must Sacrifice"

Kathy was featured in the PBS Documentary discussing women Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints creating a culture of eating disorders and linking it to their righteousness.  You can watch the documentary in it's entirety here.

Canvas Rebel Magazine

The Eating Disorder Consultants were featured in the online magazine, Canvas Rebel, discussing how we came to create this business and what we do.  You can read the full article here.

Children's Justice Center Training

Radiowest Guestspot

Following the PBS documentary, Radiowest did a follow up episode with a panel of guests, that naturally included Kathy, discussing the prevalence and culture of thinness in Sister Missionaries.  You can listen to the radio broadcast here.

Continued Speaking Events for Offices 

We continue to be asked to speak at different staff meetings and trainings all over.  We do virtual and in-person trainings.  We will tailor it to what your office needs are!  Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help you!

In March 2024, we presented on "A Continuation of the Window of Tolerance: Practical Strategies to Help Clients Return to Their Window of Tolerance" (you can watch it here). The focus was providing practical strategies on how to help clients rerun to their window of. This was a continuation of our October 2023 presentation.

If you’d like more information about our trainings, get in touch today.

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